SDCI Small Landlord Stakeholder Group Suggestions, August 28, 2022

  • This 15-page document was submitted to Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections at the outset of the Small Landlord Stakeholder Group, a series of 6 meetings that took place between late August and early November 2022, as requested by Seattle City Council in their Fall 2021 budget. In the document, we provide an overview of the mission, goals and concerns of Seattle Grassroots Landlords; detailed legislative and administrative suggestions for how City of Seattle can improve conditions for local independent rental housing; and background research links featuring local and national sources.

Important Findings from 2018 Rental Housing Study By: Seattle Grassroots Landlords (A. Gerrald)

  • In 2017, Seattle’s Office of City Auditor conducted a Seattle Rental Housing Study (SRHS) to understand the experiences of renters and landlords in the Seattle market and to gather baseline data that could be used for future evaluations. The study was a requirement of a suite of new landlord policies enacted by Seattle City Council in 2016, hurriedly passed without sufficient time to conduct impact evaluations. This document summarizes key findings from the study.

Seattle Small Landlords & the Legislative Tsunami: A Five-Year Recap By: Seattle Grassroots Landlords (A. Gerrald)

  • From 2017 to 2021, Seattle landlords experienced a tidal wave of complex new laws, with numerous pending ordinances continuing to unfold. This constantly changing regulatory landscape has rapidly increased the burden on small mom-n-pop landlords, who have traditionally provided some of the most affordable and flexible local rental housing. This document recaps the five-year onslaught of legislation that is dramatically decreasing rental housing availability, affordability and stability of small-scale, community-owned rental housing in Seattle.

    (Note: this recap was published in 2021 and quickly became out of date, as Seattle City Council has continued to pass numerous additional regulatory changes (with no housing provider input). Want to volunteer to help update the recap? Contact us at