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All of the articles posted on this website are written by members of our community. One of the reasons we built this site is because so many of us have experienced our perspectives being drown out by a popular and uniformed narrative about who we are. This is our chance, your chance, to speak your mind, correct the misinformation and have your voice heard!

If you're interested in writing an article for our website, please start by reading our guidelines and topics information below on this page. We suggest that you email us to let us know what you're thinking prior to writing your piece. That will help us confirm it's a good fit, and that no one else is already working on something too similar.


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Our community has a focus on preserving the viability of small-scale, independent housing providers in Seattle. We're giving particular attention to the legislation and the common, anti-landlord narrative that threatens our viability. In general, any articles that help us correct the misguided legislation or narrative are welcome. There are a few common themes that we'd like articles to help us illustrate and substantiate:

  1. The current environment has small-scale, independent housing providers operating at an unsustainable disadvantage, causing us to leave the market.

  2. Keeping and growing small-scale, independent housing providers is critical for Seattle.

  3. Tenants and landlords are not adversaries. There are more constructive solutions to Seattle's housing challenges that won't drive out housing providers.

Some suggestions for the kinds of topics you might consider writing:

  • An explanation of existing or proposed legislation, including its flaws and what better solutions there might be.

  • Review of any facts and data relevant to rental housing dynamics.

  • A review of any one-sided articles from other publications or communications from politicians that are misleading in their anti-landlord bias.

  • Something about the state of housing in Seattle from your own experience and perspective as landlord, a renter or another community member.

  • The overall impacts of losing independent housing options in Seattle.

Of course we'll consider any other topics that seem like a good fit too!